U17 Competitive Play today at 4:00 PM

Come out and support U17 Huntsville Eclipse at 4:00 PM.  The field is dry enough to play!!!



Newly Updated Schedules for remaining of season

Hi Coaches and Parents,

As you might imagine, rescheduling games has been a very complicated process this season due to the extensive number of days that the field has been unplayable. I hope you will understand that we will be playing lots of games in the last three weeks of the season. Please consult the website if there are scheduling questions, because it will be the most updated schedule available.  At this point, please disregard any previous schedules you might have hanging on your refrigerator.

U6 Schedule (updated 4/20/2015)

U8 Schedule (updated 4/20/2015)

U10 Schedule (updated 4/20/2015)

U12 Schedule (updated 4/20/2015)

U15 Schedule (updated 4/20/2015)

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